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At Cy Fair Baseball Instruction we are committed to providing baseball pitching, hitting, and fielding instruction through baseball specific training programs. Our goal is to increase pitching velocity of our clients and help them hit the baseball with more solid contact, backspin, and power.

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Cy Fair baseball just as all baseball in the state of Texas is competitive as ever. Now pitchers who throw mediocre velocity and would be shoo in high school players are now being passed over for an elite few high velocity pitchers who genetically have been gifted with natural pitching ability. Though we can’t imitate someone else’s genetics we can transform a low velocity pitcher through pitching instruction mechanics similar to professional Major League pitcher’s. Through strength and conditioning baseball specific training the pitchers who increase velocity will be able to have a strong enough body to handle the torque of a high velocity arm. Cypress Ranch High School, Cy Fair High School and private schools in the Cy Fair Fairbanks area are all seeking high velocity pitchers to fill their rosters with and Cy Fair Baseball Pro, Justin Higgs, would like to help coach your pitcher with private instruction. Through a two phase process his goal is to develop your pitcher into a power pitcher with powerful leg drive and rotational torque to increase your pitchers velocity 5-10 mph fast.

Cy Fair Baseball Training

Players who receive Cy Fair Houston Pitching & Hitting instruction will receive the opportunity to increase pitching velocity, hit for power and a higher batting average, and reduce errors when playing defense. Our training programs focus on strength and conditioning, agility and quickness drills, and exercises to increase balance on the mound and at the plate. The drills performed are essential tools that will create muscle memory and produce the most optimal results when the game is on the line. Success on field will translate into higher self esteem, increased confidence, and a higher likelihood they they will receive a college scholarship or even get drafted by a Major League team. Challenges and victories in sports can lead an athlete into carrying the same goal setting and valuable repetitions that lead to a successful career and family later on in life.

I never could stand losing. Second place didn’t interest me. I had a fire in my belly.
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Houston Baseball Lessons Instructor: Coach Justin Higgs
Cell Phone:
832-814-9887 (Call or Text)
Justin Higgs has spent over 15 years of his lifetime devoted to the great game of baseball. Now his aim is to pass down the knowledge and experience from his 15 years of pitching / catching / fielding experience in the form of giving private baseball lessons. Private baseball training in the Cy Fair / Houston area is a great training opportunity for any youth, high school or college baseball player to work with an experience mentor on the same drills and mechanics as the professionals. As Justin has grown up in Houston, Texas he has seen the growth of youth baseball leagues in the Cy Fair / Fairfield / Tomball area and the ever more popularity of tournament teams and baseball exclusive academy’s in every sprawl of Houston. Whether your player is selected to play select, elite, or premier ball or just wants to become successful at camps, tournaments or tryout showcases I can help with his improvement and preparation. Cy Fair Baseball youth baseball is an evolving challenge, grow with the game. Remember, winning isn’t everything, but it sure makes the game more fun!
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Cy Fair Pitching Instruction Houston and Surrounding Areas

Through private pitching instruction a youth pitcher will receive added benefits such as increased velocity, better control, and improved movement on pitches. As pitchers 11-14 are in middle school and still developing strength through conditioning and drills this is a vital age to work with a pitching coach to increase velocity and even the playing field to make the high school team. A high school pitcher with a high velocity who makes the high school team has a higher likelihood of eventually getting a college scholarship and/or drafted into professional baseball. Through unique powerful exercises and pitching specific drills that focus on leg drive, rotational throwing, and other aspects of the pitching motion a low velocity pitcher can be transitioned into increasing velocity 5-10 mph very quickly. Dominate all the high schools in and around Cy Fair and become second to none!!!
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Cy Fair Hitting Instruction Surrounding Areas

The art of hitting a baseball is made of up hitting a round ball with a round baseball bat. Now for some this comes easier for some than others. I have had great success hitting and learning from great professionals on the best methods of how to hit a baseball with more power, for a better average, and with the most optimal results. Through thousands of hours of baseball training hitting off a batting tee, live batting practice, and hundreds of live game at bats I have simplified hitting instruction into a simple steps. The approach was taught to me by a professional who learned hitting from the late great Reggie Sanders who played in the Major Leagues for 17 seasons with the Cincinnati Reds, Kansas City Royals, and St. Louis Cardinals. The hitting approach is as simple as A, B (Balance), and C (Follow through) and can be taught to youth baseball players from the tee ball, high school, college and even pro level players. By taking baseball hitting lessons from me you can expect to go through drills designed to target hand eye coordination, bat speed, bat exit speed velocity improvement, and many other advanced rotational hitting tools.
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Houston Baseball Coach Name: Coach Justin Higgs
Cell Phone:
832-814-9887 (Call or Text)
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Master the mental game of baseball and play for the present – 1 pitch at a time. is a Baseball Pitching and velocity improvement training program. Our main offerings include: a Pitching Velocity Program along with tips and articles to increase a pitchers velocity and in person Pitching Analysis and Hitting Analysis for baseball players.

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